Watchet Drives Community Transport needs you!

Watchet Drives is an electric Nissan Leaf car driven by volunteer drivers. It has its own dedicated charging point on Watchet Esplanade. The car provided a lifeline during the Covid lockdowns and has become vital for those without access to their own transport. People become members and can then book the car for journeys in the local area if they can give at least 48 hours’ notice. Journeys for medical appointments can be free to users and for all journeys, donations are welcome!

Drives has teamed up with Watchet Town Council and local parishes to make a second electric vehicle available to members through a scheme called BickWatch.  The vehicle is a Nissan eNV2000 and is known as EVIE. This is a larger vehicle with Covid screens and can carry a passenger in a wheelchair. Journeys can be booked in the same manner and fares are charged for local journeys. Passengers who have a Travel Pass can get a reduction on the fares. 

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Journeys are booked through the Vehicle Coordinator whose contact details are below. Please get in touch if would like to book the car or are interested in joining our team of volunteer drivers.

If you would like to get involved as a volunteer driver or would benefit from the car, please contact Donna Stevens at:


Call: 07599 955096

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